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Finance and Operations Manager

EduSpots Ghana

Whilst it is impossible to detail every aspect of this role, below is a representation of what is involved. The exact responsibilities given will depend on the candidates skill-set and experience, and may include management of a part-time Finance Officer and support with resource distribution.


• In consultation with Chair, through specified procedures prepare the annual budget for EduSpots;
• Prepare quarterly budgets for approval by the Chair for short term expenses;
• Pay salaries on a monthly basis, including all statutory requirements such as Social Security;
• Research, identify and ensure that the financial policies and procedures meet all
regularity requirements. Implement any changes and improvements to EduSpots financial systems and policies;
• Ensure all taxes are paid correctly and in a timely manner;
• Make sure bills are paid on time and seek relevant approvals from Chair to make payments;
• Keep all accounts and prepare income and expenditure reports;
• Prepare accounts for submission to auditors and work together with the auditors to complete the annual audit report;
• Monitor income and expenditure in relation to budgets and present regular financial reports to the Chair;
• Provide analysis of costs and other statistical information as and when required;
• Monitor EduSpots bank account. Cash handling (collections and disbursements, banking and security). Take responsibility for monthly reconciliation of the accounts;
• Prepare invoices and receipts where necessary, e.g. for donors;
• Collect receipts from any projects supported with money from EduSpots including changemaker grant winners;
• Prepare and develop a long-term financial strategy for the future development of the charity.


• Contribute to any reports to be submitted to funders, specifically on financial component;
• Research and apply for additional grants monies to support the charity;
• Prepare specific budgets for funding opportunities;
• Attend funding pitches when needed;
• Be proactive in seeking local sponsorship and funding.

Administrative tasks

• Support the Chair on all aspects of organisational management;
• Introduce, implement and update databases, including those of donors, partners, volunteers, and visitors;
• Comply with Data Protection requirements in all working practice, and maintain confidentiality, as required;
• Write formal letters, e.g. to immigration etc. for visas for overseas volunteers;
• Renew relevant certificates e.g. Social Welfare Department and ensure other formal documentation is kept up to date and all legal requirements are met;
• Ensure that the charity has the appropriate insurances in place, e.g. public liability;
• Help the team to keep records of all activities, including community tracking record;
• Have a constant oversight of (and keep records of) the functioning of all the projects in the EduSpots network, including maintenance needs of Spots and opening hours;
• Oversight of construction work, resource provision and organisational transportation.
• Ensure programme structure and management aids effective and efficient scalability;
• Oversee logistics for Ghana-based events, including regional conferences.


• Liaise with the relevant authorities, such as Ghana Library Authority and Ministry of

Qualification Required & Experience

Educational Requirements & Qualifications

• Build and maintain relationships with strategic partners and donors;
• Manage our existing partners, including Book Aid International and Dext Technology;
• Write and update community and other partnership agreements.

Policies and procedures

• Write and Implement new policies as the charity grows and develops and update old
• Ensure health and safety is taken into account at all locations, with a risk assessment
undertaken in each workplace;
• Ensure the charitys written Health & Safety and Safeguarding policy statements are
clearly communicated and available to all people;
• Manage HR policies, procedures and documentations.


• Alongside team members, regularly update social media pages, website and blog;
• Actively promote the work of EduSpots and look for media and networking opportunities;
• Update and implement PR & Communications, as well as Media policy;
• Work with the team to write reports and other documents on ongoing projects for funders
and supporters;
• Work with the team to produce frequent newsletters and the EduSpots Annual report;

Monitoring and Evaluation (depending on skill-set and experience)

• Design a monitoring and evaluation framework together with the Chair;
• Execute the impact and monitoring processes for respective programmes;
• Writing impact evaluation reports for projects to send to donors and supporters.

This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time after consultation with the post holder. It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks but sets out the main expectations of EduSpots in relation to the post holders professional responsibilities and duties. Once again, the particular responsibilities may be determined differently depending on the person and their experience/skillset.

Personal Specifications

Desirable Experience:

• Previous work experience in the Finance or Administration field
• Working collaboratively with a range of partners
• Knowledge of use of technology to enhance structures and procedures
• Previous work or volunteer experience with an NGO
• Strong IT knowledge and experience
• Accounting qualification
• Previous fundraising or grant writing experience
• Previous PR experience
• Working in a multi-cultural team

Personal Qualities:

• Enthusiasm, conviction, initiative and strong personal commitment to EduSpots mission
• Exemplary communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to work independently, demonstrating initiative and proactivity
• A team player
• Consistency and accountability
• Able to work under pressure and to meet deadlines and capable of managing multiple responsibilities
• Good organisational abilities and able to prioritise tasks and make decisions
• Good time management and able to manage own workload
• Seeking advice and support when necessary
• A good ability to follow instructions
• Ability to show sensitivity and objectivity in dealing with confidential issues
• Ability to develop and maintain efficient record keeping systems
• Able to communicate with a wide range of audiences, including other employees within the charity, Directors, community members, volunteers, contractors and suppliers
• Receptive to new ideas, approaches and challenges

Location: Accra

Contact address

How to apply

Apply by email

Job Information

    • Full Time
    • Other Qualification
    • Not Needed
    • Management
    • Greater Accra
    • Accra
    • info@eduspots.org
    • 13-Feb-2020
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